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About Paediatric Services

Haemophilia and Bleeding Disorders Paediatric State-wide Social Work Service

The paediatric haemophilia social work service aims to identify and address the impact of the bleeding disorder and associated psychosocial issues for patients and their families by providing a range of services which increase quality of life and participation in care.

The Social Work service includes:

  • Complex care planning, involving coordination of a range of services, management of complex family dynamics, management of carer stress and other issues that may impact on the patient and families day to day experience related to a bleeding disorder.
  • Guidance and support for patients and families experiencing a new diagnosis
  • Counselling patients and families experiencing a bleeding disorder
  • Professional assessment and intervention with complex social problems
  • Provision of information related to community support services, specialist agencies and support groups
  • Assistance with legal and financial matters including assistance with applications
  • School visits advising educators about the impact of haemophilia and education
  • Home and community visits
  • Facilitation of discharge via service coordination, liaison, referral, resourcing and advocacy
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